(new release) What you’ll find in gridstack.js version 0.4.0

gridstack has just gotten a new release

Change log for gridstack.js version 0.4.0

– Now, widgets can have their own resize handles. Use data-gs-resize-handles element attribute to use. For example, data-gs-resize-handles="e,w" will make the particular widget only resize west and east. As a result, some widgets can expand to the right, while others can expand only down!
– Sidebar items can now be duplicated properly. Pass helper: 'clone' in draggable options to duplicate sidebar items.
– Unfortunately, there was a bug in the staticGrid grid option. Now, there isn’t.
– Widget styles are now be preserved when moving/cloning items.
– Occasionally, heights of widgets were getting unset. Widgets will now retain their heights.
– Grids now have a min-height attribute to ensure that a grid does not get smaller than a set value.

– Sometimes, widget x or y values were being interpreted as string. Though these types were sometimes causing 12 to be a smaller number than 2, our maths has been fixed; widget x and y are now ints.
– Previously, only certain droppable options were being passed to grids. Now, all droppable options are passed.
getCellFromPixel properly tracks the mouse position.
– Because !important showed up a few times in gridstack.js’s CSS, some of your styles were being overridden. The !important attribute is now removed.
– Lastly, the container will scroll when dragging a widget up or down out of viewport.

While it’s not the v1 release that I had hoped for long ago, it’s got many bug fixes. The issues in the repo have gone from ~ 120 issues to ~ 40 issues. We’re working actively on triaging every issue to distill the backlog and avoid duplicate issues.

I’ll post an update on our priorities for the coming version of gridstack in the coming week.

Meanwhile, check out my tutorial on using highcharts with gridstack.js, which won’t require any updates to work with the new gridstack.js version 0.4.0.

More gridstack.js goodness

Chomping at the bit for more gridstack.js news? Follow this blog for the most up-to-date news on everything gridstack.js. To report bugs or request new features, visit our GitHub page. What are you going to build with gridstack.js version 0.4.0? Do you have suggestions for tutorials that will help you or others integrating gridstack.js and other libraries? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to help! You can submit pull requests for bug fixes and features that are built into your own gridstack.js forks. Although it takes time, your pull requests get reviewed and your hard work will get incorporated into the next release of gridstack.js as quickly as possible. Remember – the entire community can benefit from what you’ve accomplished!

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