Of what the heck the deal is with these delays and where is gridstack 1?

Where is gridstack v. 1.0?

I missed the first deadline; I missed the second. gridstack.js version 1 is not out yet. Sorry. Instead of delving deep into a sea of excuses, I will leave it at that: sorry for missing my deadline. I’m working as quickly as possible now to push out fix after fix and each feature update. Regardless of these delays, version 1 is still coming.

In the meantime…

In the meantime, every issue report and every PR is helpful. YOU can contribute to gridstack’s future. I’ll be more active on both github and this blog. Keep checking in for more updates!

Thank you to everyone for your support, your patience, and most importantly, your continued use of gridstack!

5 thoughts on “Of what the heck the deal is with these delays and where is gridstack 1?

  • Is there _any_ help you can use from your community?
    If there are things other people can do, we’d be happy to help out with the nitty and gritty.

    • Hey there! As gridstack is open source, I’d encourage everyone to submit fixes and features via PRs! We’re working hard to resolve open PRs and make the PR/issue submission experience more consistent.

      • Hi, I’m not talking about general PR’s and fixes. I’m specifically talking about PR’s / Bugs which are slated for the 1.0 release.I checked the repo, but couldn’t find tags related to this version.

        Since it’s in our interest to have this version released as soon as possible, we’re happy to assist to make it happen 🙂

        • if you look at the develop branch, gridstack.js is listed as 1.0.0-dev but it’s unclear to me if the PR we’ve created and accepted are more a 0.3.1 bug fix release (god knows we need that) or whatever upcoming 1.0 feature will add, which I haven’t seen a branch for…

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